Sale of Accessories

Sales of accessories.
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Sim Card Rental

If you have the necessary hardware or devices, we could simply provide you the SIM Cards for your mobile needs.
– Voice only SIM Card
– Voice + Mobile Data SIM Card
– Mobile data only SIM Card
– SIM Card with bulk SMS bundled
– M2M SIM Card
– Customized data plans

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Mobile Internet Access

Today’s social and business interactions require regular access to quality connectivity of internet:
– Mobile office
– Learning trail for students
– Exhibition events
– Outdoor WIFI connectivity
– Data roaming for business trip
– Customized data plans

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Network Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure service with fibre internet service can help you simplify network management, reduce costs and improve performance while driving economies of scale. Our solutions to small and medium companies provides customizable, modular and easy management to ease your mind off the internet disruption and forcus on your core of business.

If you are looking for a combination of internet and internal network service, contact us for a quote!

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SMS Broadcast Service

Need to broadcast SMS / Text messages to your members for promotional events?

We provide a one-stop SMS Broadcasting service using our in-house SMS gateway. You could handle your members’ information at will, or just leave your instructions with us.

If you need to run a Do-Not-Call registry check, leave the daunting task to our professionals who will do all the filtering.

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iPad/satellite phone/mobile phone/walkie talkie rental

If you are in need of temporary and short term communications support, we have them for you.
We provide leasing for short and/or long distance radio communications devices and/or edutainment gadgets for events,

– Walkie-talkie (conventional)
– IDEN (island-wide Walkie-Talkie)
– Satellite phone
– Mobile phone
– iPad

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Software Development and IT Networking Solutions

We offer IT networking and infrastructure services for Small & Medium Enterprises.

– Web design
– E-Commerce
– Web application
– Server setup
– Network design

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