IT Managed Services

IT Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating need to improve operations and cut expenses.
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IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services enable organizations to outsource IT tasks to a vendor based on a contracted or subscription basis, to lighten the workload of in-house teams by offloading general management and monitoring duties. It can also supplement teams that are unable to meet IT demand, or to replace in-house teams. IT Managed Services can be useful for ensuring 24×7 coverage of IT duties and can contribute specialty knowledge or expertise.

  • Network Security

Network Security ensures legitimate access to systems, applications and data, mitigating risk for business.

  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

CPE solutions help organizations to set up and maintain an efficient network fit for the business needs.


Advantages of IT Managed Services

  • Cost Efficiency: Receive round the clock monitoring with lower cost compared to an in-house team 24×7. Predictable costing for emergency response. Outsourcing helps your teams to focus on revenue-generating tasks.
  • Increased Security: Higher degree of security due to round the clock monitoring and preventing relaying on single internal hire staff.
  • Non office hours support: IT Managed services provides round the clock monitoring and support.

IT Managed Services:

  • Endpoint Protection and Network Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response
  • IoT-as-a-Service
  • Network redundancy
  • Bandwidth bonding



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